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                               ABOUT US

Why Khumo? Our name is proudly African and means ‘wealth’.  Khumo Securities previously traded under the name of Genesis Securities.  Following a successful management buyout led by Smith Barney Capital the firm now has a new identity under Khumo Securities.
Genesis Capital remains a significant minority.
We believe in the transformational potential of efficient wealth generation. We therefore work closely with a wide range of institutional clients to facilitate and execute the transactions that underpin their wealth-generation activities.
We understand institutional client needs and have the experience to meet these:
We provide sell-side stockbroking services to asset managers, hedge funds and other large institutions. These services are based on our track record of leveraging market IP, proven skills, practical trading experience, smart algorithms, disciplined processes, and the smart application of technology.


Talent can only take you so far – you need to be disciplined and purposeful in achieving excellence. This is something we embed in our team, our processes, and our approach.

Proactive expertise

Insights only matter if they are put to good use for our clients. We therefore focus on anticipating stumbling blocks and challenges and provide solutions to these before they become an issue for you.


We take ownership and accountability for our actions and behaviour and the results we create.  The buck stops with us, and we don’t shy away from this responsibility. We embrace it.


We know that you rely on us to apply our expertise with diligence and act on your instructions to the best of our ability.

Our future and reputation depend on your success,
so we act with the utmost integrity in all our dealings with you and in the market.


We are proud to provide you with the best black talent
and experience and are invested in a transformed and inclusive financial services industry.


We reflect honesty on all our results, report back to you, listen to your feedback and work hard on being objective about where we can improve. We believe that if you stop listening and learning, complacency sets in, and you go backwards. Honesty about both the good and the bad is therefore a core value of the Khumo team.


27 Fricker Road,


Phone: +27 (0) 86 769 6071
Tel :       +27 (0) 10 446 0231
Compliance officer -Mandy Turi-Jones  : 011 731 5138